How to shave your body hair with a safety razor

Mustaches, beards, sideburns – no wonder most people think about men when hearing the word “shaving”.
But all of the features that make safety razors ideal for facial hair can also be applied to the body hair shave –  For men and women!
In the following lines, we explore in more detail how a body hair shave with a safety razor works. 


The removal of female body hair became popular in the United States in the 1920s as a sign of femininity. A trend that has become deeply rooted in society and still dominates today. Waxing, epilation, lasering – today’s modern woman has many options for taking care of her unwanted hair. The razor is still the cheapest and gentlest option. The inexpensive exchangeable blades make it possible to replace the blades very often – so the shave not only remains gentle, but clean blades also protect you from razor bumps or irritation.


The armpit skin is sensitive, and therefore very gentle to treat. Before shaving, you should wash your skin thoroughly to remove sebum, dead skin, and deodorant residue. Then apply shaving cream and give it a few minutes to soften your hair. Next you set your razor and let it glide, free of pressure, over your armpit. The first pass should be shaved with the grain. To keep the safety razor free of cut hair and lather rinse it with water. For a particularly thorough shave, you can repeat lathering and then go against the grain. Finished? Very good, finally clean your skin with water, dry with a towel, and apply some moisturizer.


The safety razor is perfect for a comfortable and gentle leg shave. The procedure is the same as with the armpit shave: washing, lathering, shaving, and finally rinsing. Since the skin on the legs usually dries out very quickly, it is advisable to treat them after shaving with a moisturizer.

Bikini line

The safety razor is also suitable for the bikini line. The hygiene and sharpness of a fresh razor blade are particularly beneficial and protective your private parts from painful pimples or skin inflammation. 

For the preparation or follow-up, please refer to the same steps as above.
If you’re comfortable using safety razors on your legs, you’ll really enjoy the smooth and close shave they can provide for your more delicate areas. It is particularly important to ensure that you pull the skin with your free hand so that you’re always shaving on a flat surface. Horizontal strokes along the edge should be avoided. For hygienic reasons, you should change the blade after shaving the genital area and clean the head of the razor thoroughly. If you use a pair of scissors to trim your pubic hair, please use one of our DOVO 44 beard/nose hair scissors. Thanks to their ball tips, you greatly reduce the risk of injury!


Shaving body hair is currently trendy – even for men! More than half of the men under 35 regularly groom the hair on their chests, armpits, and genital areas. This is a rising trend! There are quite a few good reasons for shaving your body hair. Surveys have shown that women attach significant importance to well-groomed body hair on men. But also for hygienic reasons, body hair shaving is essential. Bacteria easily thrive in armpit hair creating an unpleasant odour.

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Neck and shoulders

The shaving of the neck and the upper shoulders is quick and easy. Simply work up a good lather and apply it. Save time by lathering up your face, neck, and shoulders simultaneously! Then you let the safety razor glide gently and without pressure over the skin. Usually, one run with the grain is sufficient. In your first attempts, it is helpful to use a mirror to keep track of your progress. After shaving use a gentle skin moisturizer.


It’s almost mandatory for a man to groom his armpits. Two-thirds of women think that men with armpit hair are simply unsexy. But even if ladies’ preferences don’t concern you, you should still consider a shave: thick fur on your armpits accumulates heat. The result is that sweat can not evaporate properly. Warm and damp armpits are the perfect environment for bacteria which quickly leads to an unpleasant odour.  
But there is some good news: shaving with a safety razor will help you avoid this dating disaster. If you want to know more about shaving your armpits, please refer to the section above. 

Pubic area

In the genital area, a safety razor can be used as well as a cartridge razor, but you should already have a little experience with traditional wet shaving. Here it is always particularly essential to tighten the skin to avoid shaving over wrinkles. The skin in the genital area is highly sensitive, so be sure to let the razor glide gently over the skin without pressure. It goes without saying that you should clean your razor after shaving.


After this informative guide, you are now armed with the basics of body hair shaving for men and women. Just give the safety razor a try – the gentle and thorough shave will definitely convince you. Gone are the days of painful waxing or razor burn! Find out why you don’t need to worry about razor burn in the future in this article.

If you’re asking yourself which razor you should start with, the MERKUR 25C is an excellent choice. The open comb also works well with longer body hair and the long handle helps you shave even the most remote areas safely.

For people who prefer a more extended handle and a particularly gentle shave, we recommend the MERKUR 24C
We have equipped it with an extra-long handle, so you do not have to become a pretzel in order to achieve a smooth, clean shave. Thanks to the closed comb, the shave is super gentle, too.

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